Google Analytics problem: conversions not showing in custom variable reports

Update: Solved by awesome analytics guru and a good surfing buddy of mine . It was just a matter of creating couple of custom segments and filtering those onto a goal overview report. If you need help with your web analytics then can heartily recommend Alex, he’s open to consulting gigs :)

Getting desperate so throwing it out there, perhaps someone smarter than me has an idea what’s wrong with this picture…

* I have a goal set up (URL destination) and it’s working OK – conversions are showing up in Conversions > Goals > Overview. So far so good.

* We used phpA/B to set up a simple test and test shows up nicely at Demographics > Custom variables.

Click for larger view.

* What does not show up in the same graph is conversion info which would be the basis for deciding the winner in the A/B test.

* Of the other two goals that are measuring conversion one does show up, the other one not. Both are event type goals.

What the hell is going on?
What A/B testing tools do you use and recommend?

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