Camera stores in Tallinn

Someone was searching for information about camera stores in Tallinn, Estonia. I’ll try to put down some essential information about that topic.

Largest selection of camera equipment: Probably Photopoint that has two large stores in Tallinn. Both are out of city center so you’ll probably want to take a cab. Shouldn’t be more than 5 Euro / 5 USD ride max. You can find addresses and phone numbers on their website. Other bigger stores are run by Maksifoto, Fotomax and Fotoluks. All of these also offer quality service for developing film, geetings prints (from CD, memory cards etc). You can also buy slide film from most of these stores.

If you’re looking for camera repair: Theres smaller store called Fotomeister right next to Kaubamaja (very center by Viru Keskus) where is probably the best chance to get your broken camera fixed.

Looking for second hand camera equipment? You best bet is Morgan that is quite in the center, maybe 3 minute walk from Hotel Palace. They have quite a lot of second hand equipment up on their homepage as well.

Looking for old Russian made cameras? Visit market next to Balti railway station. Check it on the map. They usually have at least the most usual models (different models of Zenit, Zorki etc) but it’s good to have a local with you as then the prices will probably me cheaper.

If you have more specific questions then leave them in the comments.

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  1. Kaido says:

    A technical comment. At some point in time your blog started to show text only below left menu, at least with Internet Explorer. I am one of those stupid people still using IE.

  2. Teller says:

    I cannot think of anything else but that those pictures are pushing the page somehow apart and IE cannot handle this beautifully. I rebuilt the whole page and problem remained. So for the time being it will remain in it’s “broken” status. Consider giving newer browsers a try :)

  3. Walter says:

    I know you wrote this years ago but, thanks for this article! It saved me today. I needed some things urgently and was able to find it all at one of Photopoint’s store (and found out that they have 3 in Tallinn now).

    And I don’t think I would have found them without your article so once again thanks !

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