Business canvas and blog idea brainstorming

Blogging ideas

Week 1 of 2012 and I’m keeping to my plan of attending at least one event each week. Thanks to fine gentlemen by the names of (did his usual Seedcamp dog-and-pony show), (Leancamp), (The Startup Toolkit) I had an enjoyable evening playing with business model canvas and brainstorming ideas for Flattr blog.

One of the first things I jotted down was a big question mark about how to get our co-founder to start blogging on regular basis. Gut feeling that this will be much harder challenge than turning all those 30+ other ideas I put down into proper blog posts…

I especially liked Rob’s bit as I’ve been in a blogging funk for a while and it was just the right kick in the brain to give me a new angle into producing topics. And it was as simple as asking questions like “What questions have partners/clients asked recently?”, “Biggest mistakes you’ve done?”, “What I should have known?” Simple questions are powerful.

Rob’s “Blogging for your business is worth it even if you get no traffic” is a glimpse into what he shared with us. Add lots of pacing back and forth and waving of arms :)

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