Morning group rides – miss them in London

Bikers in the morning

Got my act together, woke up at 6 and caught a train of bikers in the regular morning ride that a local bike shop organizes. Perhaps some 35 people cruising at 30 km/h average and loads up on coffee, pastries and porridge afterwards in the old town. If you’re in Tallinn and cycle then you should join the ride.

If you’re in London then let me know of the Sunday morning rides you know about :)

Now, how can I watch Tour de France over the internets?

Group of riders

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  1. Erki says:

    LSHunter might help, check under the More Sports section:

  2. teller says:

    Merci, works :)

  3. David Watkins says:

    Any luck finding a good Peloton in London? I’m moving into town next week and I already miss the four weekly training sessions I have with my cycling friends in Brazil (usually 50 to 100 K at 35 to 40 k/h…).

  4. teller says:

    Hi David, work and family have ate up the time so I only get to go to an occasional longer ride on weekend mornings. See plenty groups doing Sunday rides out of North London, would be easy to hook up with some faster looking gang and ask if they wanted more company.

    Great North Road (A1000) seems to be a popular route so you might want to start from there.

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