Inspiration from Moz: rules for marketing

It’s hard not to be inspired by Moz</> and how runs his company. The openness, high quality marketing, transparency in almost every aspect of the company, the fanatic following this has built – I wish anything I ever did was that good.

Whenever I feel I’m in a rut a trip to their blog serves as inspiration. And I’ve occasionally been their paying customer as well so the whole thing works.

Rand’s recent presentation titled “” is no exception. My initial reaction was to replace “marketers” with market researchers everywhere and adopt it whole sale for our company :) I didn’t but it serves as a starting point for something similar for our own internal use.

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  1. Mikk says:

    Hei, Siim. su bios on Flattr trükivea ohvriks sattunud:

  2. teller says:

    Thanks, fixed :)

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