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London startup Bible – incubators, accelerators, financing

John Spindler, CEO of Capital Enterprise has put together the mother of all presentations as long as building a startup in London/UK is concerned. It covers pretty much everything a young entrepreneur will need for the journey: Sources of startup … Continue reading

Metrics in early stage startups

Andreas Klinger’s slides on metrics for early stage startups are really timely for and myself. Well worth sharing here too in addition to my Twitter stream. He’s main thesis is that most stuff startups learn about web analytics is … Continue reading

Hustling Mobile World Congress when you’re a startup

Mobile World Congress is the largest annual gathering in Barcelona for everyone who’s anyone in the mobile ecosystem. At the last minute I decided to go to do some market research / customer development for Here’s a braindump of … Continue reading

Mobile ads – it’s the late 90s all over again

Banner advertisement in the late 90s and early 00s was mostly an ugly affair. Never mind the banners that were designed to disrupt your browsing by visually and verbally screaming something at you. What happened once you clicked the ad … Continue reading

Fake it till you make it: features lacks (for now)

Reading Paul Kortman’s The problem with a Lean Startup: the Minimum Viable Product made me realized that is similarly guilty of pushing its early customers off the cliff (figuratively speaking). The basics of the lean startup philosophy are to … Continue reading

Inbound Marketing UK 2012 – saved by the keynotes

It’s been a while that I went to a proper old school conference with proper old school scheduling, event space, keynote followed by non-keynote speakers followed by panel followed by breakout groups followed by keynote in a proper conference place. … Continue reading

Vostok Europe Gaz-14 Limousine wristwatch review

Having been born and lived the first 12 years of my life in the Soviet Union I’m a living testament of how everything from one’s childhood has a positive aura, no matter how bad the overall life actually was. Which … Continue reading

The surfer I’ll never be

Massive Cloudbreak from the Volcom Fiji Pro 2012. Tune is Mr. Little Jeans – The Suburbs (Arcade Fire Cover) They say never say never but I’m pretty sure this time :)

WolframAplha analyses your Facebook profile/network

The “computational knowledge engine” WolframAlpha just rolled out a new Facebook report tool that looks at your FB profile, activities, network and spits out a rather interesting view of your Facebook-based life and friendships. Founder Stephen Wolfram posted a longer … Continue reading

Bank holiday travel in the UK – better stay home

Alternative headline for this post goes something like: “Things I learned from trying to get out of London with a car and a baby on a long weekend”. Where to start… Thing is – we’ve been living in London for … Continue reading